As Vepamed Cosmetics and Medical Products, we offer you global solutions on the way we have started to combat superior quality equipment supply and above-standard pricing in the medical market. By successfully meeting the manufacturers and consumers for the first time with the PN Community you are involved in, we have included every manufacturer that is a member of the community, with the quality of which has been approved by the PN Justmine Group. In addition to the Cosmetics, Health, Care and Packaging areas, we provide masks, bones, caps, shoe covers, gowns, sleeves, overalls, examination gloves, pet gloves and surgical covers. Although our Medical Cosmetics products have CE and ISO 9001 certification, we created a new trend in the cosmetics sector with our proprietary products with 100% natural and edible content, with the PN Justmine brand, which we own based on the need for naturalness in self-care demand. In our cleaning group products, saponification process is made only by milk and olive oil, we are the only brand with first class quality in the international market with our rates. In addition, we have a reputation in the industry by having an order network created with user-friendly solutions.

We are actively involved in social responsibility projects, a large part of PN Justmine income is donated by concerning Service to Our Future and many independent Social Support needs are funded. In line with the principle of the Double-Sided Satisfaction we have adopted, we aimed to achieve maximum service and quality assurance as our mission.

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